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TYBOR family

PostNapisane: Pt 04 mar, 2011 11:50
przez Michal

I am looking for the information about the Tybor family from Jurgow.

I am interested in the family history, origin of the surname and other information.
Is it originally Slovak or Polish surname?

Where I can find the birth records from Jurgow year 1906?
I know there was a gathering of Tybor family sometime ago, if anyone from this family can contact me I would be grateful.
I am doing a genealogy research for my client who is from Tybor family.

Thank you
Best wishes

Michal Razus

Re: TYBOR family

PostNapisane: So 05 mar, 2011 10:37
przez lucjan

There are some Tybor living in Jurgów. Hope some of them is reading this forum and will reply to you.
Origin of the Tybor surname (or other spelling Tibor) as far as I know is from Hungary. There is a lot of people with name Tibor.

Birth records for Jurgow should be available in Jurgow's parish or second writings in Spiska Kapitula ( or maybe Levoca ) archive.

Map of Tybor surnames living currently in Poland you can find here:
Most of them is living in southern Poland which was part of Austria-Hungarian empire.

Hope those information will help.

Re: TYBOR family

PostNapisane: So 05 mar, 2011 12:36
przez Michal
Thank you very much :D

I appreciate your help, is there a phone directory where I can find some Tybors form Jurgow?

Have a good day