accomodation in Jurgow

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accomodation in Jurgow

Postprzez visentin » Pn 18 wrz, 2006 21:27


I might go for a trip to the Northern hillside of Slovak Tatry next week end. Does anyone know if the border is open, and from when to when during the day ?
Is there a car park in Tatranska Javorina at the beginning of the trail ?
And, the aim of this post.. I will need to stay nearby for one night. Does anyone know a possibility of accomodation in the area ? (basic noclegi, for hiker...)
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Postprzez lucjan » Pn 18 wrz, 2006 23:13

Border crossing point in Jurgow is open 24h a day.
As far as I know there is a car park in Tatranska Javorina near to big turn in center of the village.
In Jurgow you can find many of places to stay. I can recomend this accommodation in Jurgow From Jurgow to Tatranska Javorina it's about 8 km.
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